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About Us

Small Delaware business that sells for small, large companies and private clients with outstanding professionalism and services, good service and referrals is what make us strong

How we do it

Our network of professional contacts from around the globe allows us to market items to direct buyers and interested parties or online

What we can do

We provide Professional selling services for eliminating outdated inventories of commercial & industrial items and equipment. Nothing is to big or to small from small electronic items to large scale plant manufacturing equipment

Why use our service

In today's fast paced environment time is valuable. We are all about details. Having a trusted service to handle selling transaction details smoothly and professionally while receiving payment is the best concierge service around.

Fees & Costs - Simple

We charge a FLAT 30% on most services

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Professional Selling Services

Eqwik Sales LLC is not the owner or seller of these goods. Eqwik Sales LLC is an agent of the owner/seller that is acting on behalf of the owner/seller. Eqwik Sales , LLC is a facilitator of sales of goods for on line auctioning until such time as a sale is completed and the goods are sent to a buyer.